If I receive an Academic Year FLAS, can I take a semester off and finish work for the award period during the summer or following academic year?

No. Students who do not complete their FLAS requirements during the original award period forfeit the remaining portion of their awards. Similarly, if extenuating circumstances prevent a student from accepting/using a FLAS AY award during the academic year, the fellowship is forfeited and subsequently awarded to a deserving alternate.

Where do the majority of Academic Year FLAS Fellowship recipients study?

Most AY FLAS students who receive an award from a KU area studies center choose to study at KU during the academic year.  Some KU students choose to use their AY FLAS awards to study abroad, but in relatively few instances.

If awarded an Academic Year FLAS Fellowship, can I study abroad for part of the year?

Yes. An AY fellowship recipient is allowed to divide his/her academic year between KU and an overseas institution, as long as the student is enrolled full-time and take at least one related area studies course, international studies course, and at least one language course. Students will be obligated to register through the KU Office of Study Abroad if they choose to study abroad during their AY FLAS award period.

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