Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS)

Founded in 1959, the Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Kansas is the only East Asian resource center in the Great Plains region. CEAS supports East Asian language instruction and promotes East Asian studies across the curriculum. Seventy affiliated faculty members teach in 29 departments and 10 professional schools at KU, offering over 250 courses fully or partially devoted to East Asia.

CEAS awards FLAS to students studying: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Uyghur, and Tibetan.

Summer Program

KU Students Only: FLAS Fellowships also provide support for students (KU only) wanting to attend non-KU, Student-Initiated Programs (SIPs). Student-Initiated Programs allow KU students to earn KU credit for programs sponsored by other accredited Universities and Colleges.

Students must confirm that their student-initiated program meets the following Department of Education FLAS requirements:

  • a minimum of six consecutive weeks;
  • 140 contact hours, or in-classroom instruction, for beginner and intermediate level instruction;
  • 120 contact hours for advanced level instruction.

CEAS recommends the following international study abroad opportunities for KU students.  For more information about how to use a FLAS award to attend one of the following programs, please contact KU's Office of Study Abroad.


Princeton in Beijing

USAC China Study Abroad Program

International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University

CET Academic Programs in China

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies, UC Berkeley

University of California Education Abroad Program in China

Harvard Summer Program in Beijing, China

Associated Colleges in China Intensive Language Program

Alliance Study Abroad Programs in China

IES Study Abroad Programs in China

CIEE Study Abroad Programs in China



Hokkaido International Foundation

Japanese Summer Programs at Yamasa

Sophia University Summer Session

Princeton in Ishikawa

National Registration Center for Study Abroad in Japan

Summer Japanese Program with the University of Hawaii

International Christian University, Japanese Programs

CET Academic Programs in Japan

University of California Education Abroad Program in Japan

Harvard Summer Program Kyoto, Japan

Japan Center for Michigan Universities

Columbia University Summer Program



Sogang University Korean Immersion Program

Sungkyun Language Institute Korean Language Program

Ewha Woman's University, Ewha Language Center

University of California Education Abroad Program in Korea



ISEP List of Summer Programs (China and Korea)



Middlebury Chinese & Japanese Summer Programs

Asian Programs with Bucknell University

Application Deadline: 

Application deadline is for Summer 2015 and Academic Year 2015-16 applications.

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Other Useful Links:

KU Office of Study Abroad

FLAS Info From the US Department of Education

Summer African Language Institute

POSTCARD FROM INDIA! Kailee Karr, CGIS FLAS student for Hindi Language in Jaipur, India reports: "Namaste from India! I am currently on my 2nd week in this amazing country and it has been a whirlwind of culture, good food, and language learning (but mostly good food :P ). I am staying with an incredible host family who has brought me to events such as my first Indian wedding, two anniversary parties, and even a Bollywood movie in a local theatre. Language acquisition is tough. Being in a situation where you are surrounded by the target language is both the best way to learn and also the most frustrating. Every day is a mentally stimulating and challenging, but I have already seen my Hindi skills improve exponentially. I am so thankful for FLAS and to be able to have this opportunity to not only drastically improve my Hindi skills but to broaden my worldview as well."

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