Academic Year

Awards may be used for study at KU, study abroad, or a combination of both.

Students must be enrolled full-time and their course load must include an area studies center approved language course and an approved area studies course each semester.

Courses must be taken for a letter grade.  Pass/Fail credit will not be accepted.

FLAS awards may not be used for independent research.


Awards may be used for FLAS eligible programs at KU, another US institution of higher learning, and/or study abroad.

To be a FLAS eligible program, language study must be the equivalent of one academic year of modern foreign language study (a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks with 140 contact hours for beginner and intermediate level instruction, and 120 contact hours for advanced level instruction).

The student must be at the intermediate or advanced level of language study to use an award for an approved overseas program.

Graduate students at the beginning level will be considered for overseas language study only if an appropriate equivalent beginning language instruction program in the student's target language is not available in the United States.

FLAS Awards may not be used for independent research