Follow these four, easy steps when applying for a summer or academic year FLAS fellowship:

  1. Choose your language
  2. Complete the FLAS application checklist.
  3. Complete the FLAS application, using a KU Online ID or Non-KU Account. 
  4. Save your information and double check your application before you press submit!‚Äč

It is the student's responsibility to make certain that the application is complete; incomplete applications will not be considered. Under certain circumstances paper applications and all supporting materials may be submitted by email. Please contact the FLAS coordinator for the Center(s) you are applying to if you need us to consider this option. 

Apply Now

Application Deadline: Friday, December 20, 2019 *

Reference Deadline: Saturday, Januray 25, 2020**

FLAS Selection Committees will begin review of applications on February 18, 2019. Fellows will be notified in March.

If you do not have a KU Online ID, choose the Non-KU User button to apply.

*Students must submit their application before references can submit their recommendations. Students are encouraged to speak with references and provide them with materials (e.g. statement of purpose, resume, CV, etc.) well in advance of the reference deadline. A complete application requires 2 letters of recommendation; incomplete applications will not be considered.

**References will be notified via email to submit a letter of recommendation after the student has submitted their application. References must submit letters of recommendation using the online portal (link provided in email) by February 18, 2019 (end of day). Failure to submit a letter of recommendation by the deadline will result in an incomplete application.