Letters of Recommendation

Thank you for supporting students as they apply for U.S. Department of Education Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships.

Submission Instructions for All Applications

  • References should submit a letter of recommendation by emailing the letter to the appropriate FLAS Coordinator. References must submit letters of recommendation via email by January 20, 2023 (end of day). KU CREES has extended its summer FLAS deadline to February 3, 2023.

    • Using the links provided in the sidebar, please select and email the correct FLAS coordinator in order to submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of a student.
    • Please indicate the student's name and the fellowship period (e.g. Summer 2023 or Academic Year 2023-2024)

Students are encouraged to speak with references and provide them with materials (e.g. statement of purpose, resume, CV, etc.) well in advance of the reference deadline (January 20, 2023); students are responsible for instructing references to submit letters properly. Contact the appropriate FLAS Coordinator with any issues.

A complete application requires 2 letters of recommendation; failure to submit a letter of recommendation by the deadline will significantly impact the student's application.