Eligible Languages

Word cloud of FLAS languages: Arabic, Portuguese, Tibetan, Uyghur, Kiswahili. Korean, Yucatec Maya, Wolof, Russian, Persian, BCMS, Guarani, Kaqchikel, Miskitu, Polish, Czech, Slovene, Haitian Creole, Chinese, Ukrainian, Quechua, Russian, Japanese, Turkish

Fluency in more than one language and an understanding of different cultural contexts prepares students to become global citizens. Language study hones students’ communication skills and enhances their critical understanding of the world.

Beyond the major world languages commonly taught in schools, there exist vast multitudes of languages are spoken. These languages are a testament to the rich variety of cultures and histories that humanity has created. Each one is an invaluable monument to human imagination and ingenuity. Students who learn uncommonly taught languages are amazed and enriched by the endless varieties and methods of communication.

Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships provide financial support for students to immerse themselves in the study of a critical language of their choice.  KU area studies centers offer programs in 24 languages eligible for FLAS awards during the 2022-2026 Title VI grant cycle.

Please note that fellowships can only be used to study modern languages; classical languages such as Old Church Slavonic and Classical Greek are ineligible for FLAS.

KiswahiliJapaneseHaitian CreoleCzech
Yoruba (Fall 2024)TibetanMiskituRussian
  Yucatec MayaTurkish